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The Sphero Craft Pack is your one stop shop for all the crafting accessories you’ll ever need to take your creations and inventions even further. With over 31 different items and 100’s of materials the Sphero Craft Pack was designed for both littleBits and Sphero robots.

Use the Sphero Craft Pack to help with your Sphero Global Challenge submissions!

  • The Sphero Craft Pack consists of the most commonly purchased  items to help take student inventions and creations even further.
  • Instead of sourcing all of the materials separately, everything is included in one box.
  • Pair with the BOLT Power Pack or the STEAM+ Class Pack to complete your MakerSpace.
  • Recommended 1-10 students per Sphero Craft Pack.
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    As screens and technology become increasingly ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it is vital that we find ways to co-exist with them that are both healthy and sustainable over the long-term. For kids especially, who are introduced to technology from a young age, it’s important to encourage moderation and instill a sound relationship with devices.
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    Teaching ELA Subjects Through a STEAM Mindset

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    Play-Based Learning and Special Needs Education 

    There can often be challenges when it comes to keeping students with special needs on track in education, especially when using traditional approaches to teaching. Meeting the needs of students with special needs often requires thinking outside the box. 
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    When Should Kids Start Learning to Code?

    In today’s digital world, learning to code and being familiar with coding concepts are crucial parts of a child’s education. In addition to the practical applications for coding, it also provides a framework for kids to become familiar with using technology, solving problems, and applying critical thinking skills from an early age.
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    Coding as a Second Language: Incorporating Computer Science into Language Arts

    STEM disciplines are necessary for future advancement and a comfortable tomorrow. Therefore, STEM-based engagement is needed to forge critical thinking among new generations of scientists and engineers. Coding is the first step on that journey.

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    The Benefits of Early STEM Education

    Parents and teachers want kids to enjoy and understand a range of subjects, from computer science to music, helping them become well-informed while also developing their growing personalities. That’s why it’s important to expose kids to a variety of ideas, concepts, skills, and subjects from a young age.