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Group of grey littleBits brick adapter.
littleBits Getting Started Booklet.
Black littleBits codeBit dongle.
Black littleBits Hand Mount.
Green littleBits o18 IR Transmitter bit.
Pink littleBits i22 sequencer bit.Pink littleBits i22 sequencer bit side view.
Green littleBits round LED matrix bit.
Blue Sphero® Terrain Park.Sphero® Terrain Park parts.
Round servo hub with holes.Angled view of white servo hub.
Sphero RVR Mounting Plate - Clear. Magnified view of student working on Sphero RVR Mounting Plate with different circuits.
Blue Sphero RVR Roll Cage.Green Sphero RVR Roll Cage.
Pink littleBits i1 slide switch bit.Pink littleBits i1 slide switch bit side view.
Pink littleBits i2 toggle switch bit.Pink littleBits i2 toggle switch bit side view.
Orange littleBits w9 proto bit.Orange littleBits w9 proto bit side view.
Pink littleBits i7 remote trigger bit.Pink littleBits i7 remote trigger bit side view.
Pink littleBits i23 threshold bit.Pink littleBits i23 threshold bit side view.
Pink littleBits i16 pulse bit.Pink littleBits i16 pulse bit side view.
Pink littleBits i17 timeout bit.Pink littleBits i17 timeout bit side view.
Pink littleBits i18 motion trigger.Pink littleBits i18 motion trigger side view.
Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit.Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit side view.
Pink littleBits i20 sound trigger bit.Pink littleBits i20 sound trigger bit side view.