High School STEM Solutions

Teaching computer science, physics, and other STEM subjects with Sphero robots and our standards-aligned curriculum in high school brings your lessons to life and off the pages of a textbook. Integrating Sphero robots into AP classes, Javascript programming classes, or other subject areas offers career and technical opportunities unlike any other hands-on STEM learning solution.

Coding Robots

Teach PK–12 learners computer science and STEM or add coding and fun to any subject.

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littleBits STEAM Kits

Snap-together electronic Bits that allow elementary learners to create with technology.

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Blueprint Engineering Kits

The most approachable and scalable tool to build engineering skills for middle and high school students.

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High School

High School STEM Solutions

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BOLT coding robot with LED matrix.https://www.youtube.com/embed/T-NyII1FGi8
Sphero RVR+ programmable robot car.
BOLT Power Pack with 15 coding robots.https://www.youtube.com/embed/T-NyII1FGi8
Educator guide for RVR+ programmable robot car.Sphero RVR+ Educator Guide
STEAM+ Coding Kit class pack with educator guides.Laptop showing circuit simulator next to littleBits invention, tackle box, and invention guide.
STEAM+ Coding Kit with electronic circuits, durable storage, and standards-aligned educator guides.Laptop showing circuit simulator next to littleBits invention, tackle box, and invention guide.
littleBits Code Kit with electronic circuits and educator guides.https://www.youtube.com/embed/RejO93vK2qk
littleBits Code Kit Class Pack with durable storage and educator guides.https://www.youtube.com/embed/RejO93vK2qk
Makerspace Invention WallAlso includes 2 Craft Packs with crafting supplies.
littleBits wall storage
RVR topper kit for coding robot.RVR+ Topper with micro:bit
SGC Season 2 Heroes Among Us 2021-2022 Season PK-12Access all 5 Challenges
Cover of the Invention Log booklet.Spread of the Remix portion of the Invention Log.
Sphero Turbo Cover
Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK.Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK side view.
Blue Sphero® Terrain Park.Sphero® Terrain Park parts.
Sphero RVR+ Charging CableSphero RVR+ Charging Cable
Sphero BOLT Charging Base