indi Educator Guide Book

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In-depth educator guide created to help teachers incorporate indi into any content area to help reinforce computational thinking skills through a series of standards-aligned lessons designed specifically for PK–2. 

The indi Educator Guide is included with the indi Class Pack. This listing is for the Educator Guidebook only.

    The educator guidebook is aligned with CSTA standards and allows you to teach computer science principles in a variety of content areas
    Get the most out of your investment with 20 ready-to-run lessons you can seamlessly integrate into your existing curriculum. Modules include: Meet indi, Directions, Patterns & Sequences, Mixed Bag (including literacy), and Sphero Edu Jr
    The final five lessons walk students through basic block programming in the Sphero Edu Jr app
    Lessons in the Educator Guidebook allow students to retain information and have fun while learning using an exploration -> skills building -> challenge -> extended challenge structure

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It's never too early to help young learners better understand computational thinking and problem-solving skills. Check out our tools, guides, accessories, and more for using indi at school or at home.

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