littleBits Replacement Small Plastics

SKU: 660-0596

This is a replacement only product for Sphero.

Set of Replacement Parts compatible with the Cross Axle DC Motor and Cross Axle Servo. Includes Wheel Hook, Drive Gear, Spike Gear, Small Wheel, Axle, (2) Large Wheels and Battery Clip.


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Inspiring Future Innovators: A Closer Look at the Sphero Global Challenge
Sphero Team

Inspiring Future Innovators: A Closer Look at the Sphero Global Challenge

The Sphero Global Challenge is back for its fifth season! This project-based competition encourages students to expand their capabilities in STEAM ...
A teenage girl looks frustrated as she sits at her desk at home looking at a tablet and taking notes.
At SchoolSphero Team

Student Engagement Strategies to Motivate Learning

Student disengagement can be stressful and demotivating, especially for new teachers. Luckily, there are ways to get out of the funk, so we’re sharing some re-engagement strategies for students who have started to lose focus.
littleBits parts being connected
At SchoolSphero Team

Circuits for Kids: Activities and Tips to Keep Students Switched On

Circuits are a great way to teach kids about electricity in a hands-on way. Building circuits develops students’ understanding of currents, power sources, and outputs, and educators can devise several fun activities to help meet key learning objectives.
Two boys and a girl pass a basketball to each other in gym class.
At SchoolEmily Collom

How to Adopt STEM in Physical Education

We think of STEM education taking place in science class, in the math classroom, in a computer lab. However, we use STEM concepts in all areas of our lives - why not bring STEM into physical education? By integrating STEM into different content areas, such as P.E., students are encouraged to build the skills they need to be successful in the 21st century and enthusiasm for the class will skyrocket!
Fostering a healthy relationship with technology is important at home and in school.
At HomeKate Sheppard

4 Ways to Encourage Digital Wellness for Students

As screens and technology become increasingly ubiquitous in our everyday lives, it is vital that we find ways to co-exist with them that are both healthy and sustainable over the long-term. For kids especially, who are introduced to technology from a young age, it’s important to encourage moderation and instill a sound relationship with devices.
Two young girl students work together on a project using a laptop and Sphero BOLT.
At SchoolSphero Team

Teaching ELA Subjects Through a STEAM Mindset

It can often seem like hard lines are drawn between different disciplines and subjects in education. However, it is highly beneficial to take a more integrated approach to learning, one that recognizes and even encourages the links between different subject matters and learning paradigms.