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Sphero has the tech tools you need to engage PK–12 learners in programming and STEAM (STEM + Art) at home or in the classroom. The Sphero Learning Ecosystem brings STEAM, computer science, and robotics to life with tangible tools and expert-designed lessons for hands-on learning at every step of the educational journey. Shop our coding robots, littleBits, Blueprint kits, and more!

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littleBits Getting Started Booklet.
Purple littleBits Base Inventor Template pieces.Child playing with littleBits Base Inventor Templates.
Magnet littleBits bitShoes.
Hook and loop littleBits bitShoes.
Adhesive red littleBits bitShoes.
Assorted littleBits bitShoes.
White littleBits bitSnapsGroup of white littleBits bitSnaps.
Group of grey littleBits brick adapter.
littleBits Code Kit with electronic circuits and educator guides.
littleBits Code Kit Class Pack with durable storage and educator guides.
Black littleBits codeBit dongle.
littleBits Electronic Music Kit package and electronic music guitar. Girl playing with electronic music guitar.
Purple littleBits Electronic Music Template cutouts.Girl dancing in room with littleBits guitar.
Black littleBits Hand Mount.
Pink littleBits i1 slide switch bit.Pink littleBits i1 slide switch bit side view.
Pink littleBits i11 pressure sensor bit.Pink littleBits i11 pressure sensor bit side view.
Pink littleBits i12 temperature sensor bit.Pink littleBits i12 temperature sensor bit side view.
Pink littleBits i13 light sensor bit.Pink littleBits i13 light sensor bit side view.
littleBits i14 bend sensor. littleBits i14 bend sensor overhead view.
Pink littleBits i16 pulse bit.Pink littleBits i16 pulse bit side view.
Pink littleBits i17 timeout bit.Pink littleBits i17 timeout bit side view.
Pink littleBits i18 motion trigger.Pink littleBits i18 motion trigger side view.
Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit.Pink littleBits i19 roller switch bit side view.
Pink littleBits i2 toggle switch bit.Pink littleBits i2 toggle switch bit side view.
Pink littleBits i20 sound trigger bit.Pink littleBits i20 sound trigger bit side view.