SpheroCare - Protecting your Robots

What is Spherocare?

Spherocare is an extended warranty program that allows you to bring our bots into your home or classroom knowing your investment is protected. By purchasing Spherocare, you can explore, play, and learn with reckless abandon!

What is covered under Spherocare?

Dog eat your robot? Things get a little wild in the classroom? Not a problem! Spherocare provides full coverage of normal wear and tear and accidental damage from the date of purchase.

What is not covered under Spherocare?

Unfortunately, Spherocare does not cover lost or stolen bots – keep an eye on them so they don’t roll away.

How do I purchase Spherocare?

It’s as easy as pi (yes, we’re math geeks). You can purchase Spherocare by adding it to your cart during the checkout process. When on the product page, please check either the one-year or two-year Spherocare option. When you add your robot to the cart, Spherocare will also be added.

How much does Spherocare cost?

Spherocare pricing depends on the product you’re purchasing. All Spherocare costs are visible on each bot’s product page.

Is Spherocare just an extension of Sphero’s one-year warranty?

No. While our one-year manufacturer’s warranty is pretty great, Spherocare offers benefits that aren’t covered by the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, like accidental damage and free shipping.

What products can I buy Spherocare for?

You can purchase Spherocare for any of our robots. Spherocare is not available on accessories, so treat them extra special.

What countries is Spherocare available in?

At this time, Spherocare is only available to our friends in the United States. But look out world, we’re coming for you!

I’m gifting a Robot! Can the recipient use the Spherocare plan I purchased?

Yes! Spherocare can be transferred between owners, so go ahead and gift away.

My bot broke. Now what?

You can contact CPS directly to file a claim in three ways:

  • Visit www.cpscentral.com and click the “File a Claim” button
  • Via email at cs@cpscentral.com
  • Call in toll free at 800-905-0443

Why am I calling a company called CPS?

We’ve partnered with our friends over at Consumer Priority Serve to offer extended warranties for most of our products. You will see CPS listed on some of your warranty information, and you will contact them directly if you have to take advantage of your warranty.