Required: Sphero Global Challenge Season 5 Blueprint Kit

SKU: 750-0556

Attention coaches of the Sphero Global Challenge Season 5 Events! To prepare your team for the upcoming competition season, you must equip them with the Sphero Global Challenge Season 5 Blueprint Kit. Along with the required robots, this kit is a required component for competing in the Sphero Global Challenge Upper Elementary and Middle School Events using BOLT and RVR+, and it contains everything your team needs to take on the exciting engineering and robotics challenges of the competition.

The Blueprint Season 5 Kit is available for order now and will be shipped in early August.

With your registration, you will choose one of the two Events to compete in:

RVR+: Portal Through Time
RVR+ is a great companion for time travel! Starting in the present day and moving through the past and into the future, RVR+ and Blueprint will help you transport supplies, autonomously navigate different terrains, and help you learn to code along the way.

BOLT: Time Travel Odyssey
Have you ever wished you could experience a different time in human history? Well, there’s no time like the present to time travel. Grab your friends, two BOLT robots, and your Sphero Global Challenge Blueprint Kit, and prepare for an adventure. Don’t forget to bring your best teamwork, problem solving, and communication skills to accomplish the Mission Objectives and safely return home!

Please be aware that the Sphero Global Challenge Season 5 Blueprint Kit should only be purchased for use in the Sphero Global Challenge, as the unique combination of Blueprint parts was designed exclusively for the competition.

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What's Included

  • 2X Pitch Truss (x8)

  • 3X Pitch Truss (x12)
  • 4X Pitch Truss (x12)
  • 5X Pitch Truss (x8)
  • 10X Pitch Truss (x6)
  • Snap Connectors (x40)
  • Turntable (x4)
  • 1x4 Plate (x4)
  • 3x Pitch Shaft (x2)
  • 0.5x Pitch Shaft Collar (x8)
  • 45mm Pulley (x2)
  • Linear Motion Bracket (x6)
  • Removal Tool (x1)