Blueprint Build Engineering Expansion Pack

SKU: 750-0541

The Blueprint Build Engineering Expansion Pack is available for preorder. Your order is expected to ship Fall 2024.

Power up Blueprint Build with the Blueprint Build Engineering Expansion Pack.

This pack contains 17 electrical Bits, including motor, sensor, and power Bits, and 16 new mechanical parts to level up engineering skills and bring builds to life without the need for programming. The Blueprint Build Engineering Expansion Pack provides the parts needed to teach foundational control systems for robotics and digital electronics using your Build Kit. It comes with new challenges and two additional units of lesson plans.

One Blueprint Build Engineering Expansion Pack is recommended for each Blueprint Build Kit.

BRING BUILDS TO LIFE: This expansion pack turns your Blueprint Build Kit into a complete Blueprint Engineering kit for teaching electrical engineering.

EASY PROTOTYPING: Includes 355 mechanical parts and 17 electrical Bits that are easy to assemble for rapid prototyping due to their practical size and visual and technical simplicity.

EXPAND ENGINEERING SKILLS: Access new challenges and units of lesson plans to go beyond mechanical engineering into electrical engineering design and principles.

SpheroCare Warranty
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2 year: $30.99
3 year: $40.99

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What's Included

  • 1 small storage bin
  • 1 Power Bit
  • 2 Motor Bits
  • 2 375 mm wires
  • 4 150 mm wires
  • 1 1m distance sensor
  • 2 Button Bits
  • 2 Rotary potentiometer Bits
  • 1 Data Display Bit
  • 1 LED Bar Bit
  • 1 Threshold Bit
  • 2 100T Gears
  • 2 Catapult End Effectors
  • 2 5x5 Plates
  • 6 wire clamps
  • 4 Rack Gears
  • 5x Engineering Challenge Cards
  • Educator Resources - Downloadable guides, lessons & unit plans, and more!

Product Dimensions

Small storage bin:
Weight: 3.5 lb
L: 17.8 inches
W: 12.9 inches
H: 3.2 inches

Device Compatibility