Sphero Edu USB Charging Hub


Need a way to charge a dozen bots? This sweet setup includes one 6-port USB Charging Hub, perfect for charging your classroom kits and packs. This hub can charge multiple products at a time.
  • 6 USB ports with voltage surge protection
  • Full charge takes about 3 hours
  • Works with all micro-b powered bots
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      Students practice computational thinking skills with Sphero robots in school.
      At SchoolSphero Staff

      What is Computational Thinking? A Guide to Computational Thinking, Algorithms, and Pattern Recognition

      If you’re new to the concept of computational thinking, this blog will further break down exactly what it is, why it’s an important skill to start developing at an early age, and how educators can encourage it in the classroom and at home. 
      How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer
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      How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer

      Knowledge of computer science and programming will become crucial in most future careers. This justifies why more than 90% of U.S parents want their children to be taught computer science, and 40% of schools have already included programming topics in their education curriculum. 
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      What is Sphero? The Who, What, and Why.

      Sphero, the industry leader in edtech programmable robots, standards-aligned computer science curriculum, and STEAM-based educational tools, was founded in 2010 in Boulder, Colorado, and has since grown to reach over 40,000 educators, 20,000 education institutions, and millions of students around the world.