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RVR+ is Sphero’s most versatile programmable robot for middle and high school students.

GREENVILLE, Texas – November 15, 2022 – Sphero®, the leader in programmable robots, EdTech, computer science, and STEM education tools, announced today the availability of the new and improved Sphero RVR+, a revolutionary robot that is now optimized for middle and high school classrooms and makerspaces. 

“We are excited to see RVR+ in middle and high school classrooms inspiring and engaging students,” says Nate Ubowski, Product Manager for RVR+ at Sphero.

“There are so many opportunities for RVR+ to highlight the creativity and STEM-centered skills that are extremely relevant to today’s students. We can’t wait to see what students create with RVR+ in the classroom.”

What Makes RVR+ Unique? 

RVR+ is Sphero’s most versatile programmable robot yet, packed with a diverse suite of sensors and built for customization. RVR+ is drivable right out of the box (no assembly or complicated setup needed), packed with a diverse suite of sensors, built for customization, expandable, and made for programmers of all abilities. 

Watch RVR+ in Action:


RVR+ is packed with on-board sensors, including an enhanced color sensor that allows for increased programming and execution accuracy in programming RVR+ to see colors in its environment, a light sensor, infrared (IR), accelerometer, and a gyroscope. 

Additionally, the gearbox has been redesigned to improve torque, payload capacity (up to 1 kilogram), and durability allowing students to take their inventions even further.

RVR+ also features increased battery life with an improved rechargeable and swappable battery to keep programs, inventions, and classroom projects running with no downtime.

RVR+ is so versatile that it’s simple enough for even the most novice programmers, but challenging and open-ended enough to create anything the most imaginative minds can create. The included customizable expansion plate allows students to connect most third-party hardware, including Raspberry Pi, Arduino, micro:bit, and Sphero littleBits. 

Students can use the free Sphero Edu app for an introduction to computer science and programming by using Draw & Drive, Blocks, or JavaScript to code RVR+. Learning with RVR+ can be taken even further by accessing the Sphero Public SDK and API libraries for more advanced hackers and makers, making it the ultimate, open-ended programming robot. 

Outfit an Entire Classroom or Makerspace with the RVR+ Multi-Pack

The Sphero RVR+ Multi-Pack includes robots and curricula for an entire class with six RVR+ robots and the teacher-facing RVR+ Educator Guide, full of step-by-step guidance and activities. The multi-pack option is ideal for middle and high school classrooms and makerspaces, allowing for easy implementation and instruction for all teachers – no computer science experience or advanced training required. 

RVR+ is now available to order on sphero.com or via a Sphero Education Specialist. 

About Sphero: 

Sphero is transforming PK–12 education with accessible tools that encourage exploration, imagination, and perseverance through STEAM and computer science. With the help of educators around the world, Sphero empowers learners of all backgrounds and abilities to discover their interests and passions while equipping them with the skills they need to be the world’s future Changemakers. With presences in Greenville, TX, Hong Kong, and remote globally-based employees, Sphero has become the market leader in EdTech solutions, loved by millions of educators, students, and parents worldwide. Learn more at sphero.com.


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