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Sphero indi
Sphero indi
BOLT coding robot with LED matrix.
Sphero RVR+ programmable robot car.
Sphero RVR+
Sphero RVR+
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini
Sphero Mini
STEAM+ Coding Kit with electronic circuits, durable storage, and standards-aligned educator guides.Laptop showing circuit simulator next to littleBits invention, tackle box, and invention guide.
Sphero Mini Robot Ball: Golf Theme
RVR topper kit for coding robot.RVR+ Topper with micro:bit
STEAM Student Set with bits and durable storage.
littleBits Code Kit with electronic circuits and educator guides.
Sphero Turbo Cover
Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK.Blue Sphero Chariot on SPRK side view.
Blue Sphero Mini Shell.
Pink Sphero Mini Shell.
Mini Shells and Turbo CoverColorful shells for toy robot ball.
Sphero Mini Turbo CoverSphero Mini Turbo Cover
Sphero littleBits Coding Kit Expansion Pack for teaching engineering to kids.
Sphero BOLT Charging Base