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SPRK+ is available for sale on our Amazon Store.

SPRK+ was our first round robot designed for educators. Since its release in 2016, we have listened to the needs of our education community and built a more advanced version, Sphero BOLT.  BOLT is the upgraded and improved version of SPRK+ that offers a longer-lasting battery, a built-in matrix, and has accompanying content that scales with Computer Science knowledge and skill level. 

  • SPRK+ (one of our original robotic balls) paved the way to help us develop the newest and most advanced iteration, BOLT.
  • BOLT is the upgraded version of SPRK+ and our most robust robotic ball designed for education based on educator feedback.
  • BOLT has 2x the battery of SPRK+, LED matrix, Infrared communication, advanced sensors
  • Our Computer Science Foundations Curriculum and newest activities are aligned to the features of BOLT all of our curriculum and activities are aligned to BOLT.
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A female engineer works on a computer in her workspace and is surrounded by wires, cables, and other hardware.
At SchoolSphero Team

What is My Intelligence Type? Will Knowing Help Future Engineers?

People are naturally curiouswe like to have a profound understanding of ourselves and to know what categories we fit into. This search for labels is particularly true when it comes to personality and intelligence.
A student uses Sphero indi's color tiles to learn how to read.
At SchoolSphero Team

Robots & Reading: Driving Literacy with Sphero indi

Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping is the act of spelling a word with scaffolded support through sound boxes to match individual phonemes with the corresponding grapheme in order to spell a word accurately.
Three students and their teacher stand around a table with a maze made from tape as they navigate their Sphero BOLT from one end to the other.
At SchoolSphero Team

STEM Educational Resources for Every Age

STEM, the study of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, is an incredibly important part of modern education. In today’s digital world, understanding STEM concepts is not only essential for navigating everyday life, but also as a gateway into careers that are increasingly technology-based.
A group of young students work together to program Sphero indi with color tiles in a classroom.
At HomeSphero Team

Child Development Resources & Activities

Child development is the process all children go through of gradually gaining the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate the world successfully.
A boy and a girl play an arcade STEM game built out of littleBits and cardboard. STEM activites and games are a great way to bring learning and fun together.
At SchoolSphero Team

STEM Activities and Games for Kids

When teaching STEM to children, games and fun activities can be a helpful resource to keep learners engaged, stimulated, and eager to learn.
A girl does her school work on a laptop while wearing headphones at home. This is an example of a hybrid-learning environment.
At HomeSphero Team

Hybrid Learning: An Educator’s Guide

When it comes to modern education, hybrid learning continues to grow in popularity — and for good reason.