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Sphero enthusiast Sammy Mohammed’s passion for computer science takes him to the green with Tiger Woods

Sphero takes students through meaningful journeys that embrace the world around them — including the fairways and the greens. And this year, during Computer Science Education Week, we are excited to share the journey of 18-year-old Sammy Mohammed.

Since 2010, we’ve embraced the knowledge of play as a powerful teacher and have created products that provide endless hours of fun, experiential STEAM learning. Our programmable robotic balls have been “rolled out” to more than 30,000 schools, 42,000 teachers and 1.6 million students worldwide. This growth has allowed us to connect with some pretty amazing people who want to change the world through careers in STEAM.

Sammy’s love for computer science began before he started elementary school and grew throughout his childhood. He participated in robotics competitions, began coding in his elementary years and took advanced computer science courses in high school. Now, he dreams of changing the lives of millions through STEAM.

Along his journey last year, Sammy was introduced to Sphero through the TGR Foundation Earl Woods Scholar Program, which supports high-potential students with a commitment to community service. In the foundation’s TGR Learning Lab, Sammy experimented in coding using SPRK+. “I loved using the SPRK+,” said Sammy. “You have the option to code with blocks, or you can write the code on your own using Java.”

Tiger Woods and Students smiling for the camera together.

Tiger Woods and student putting on golf hole together.

While in the program, Sammy even got to school Tiger on the golf course, where he put on a putting clinic through coding with a SPRK+ on the green. “I haven’t been in an environment like that before and I really enjoyed just talking with him,” said Sammy, “Not only was I bringing him partially into my world, but I was also a symbol of what his foundation has worked to achieve.” After a few tries, Sammy’s code and Tiger’s putt combined for a SPRK+ hole in one!

During Computer Science Education Week, we are excited to celebrate people who dream of using STEAM to have a positive impact on others and developing a skill set that incorporates collaboration, community, communication and critical thinking. It is because of kids like Sammy that our company exists, and we will continue to use play as a powerful teacher to inspire.

You can learn more about Sphero on our website, and about the TGR Foundation on their website.