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Spring Break survival guide image by Sphero Edu.

A survival guide for parents

Teachers, you’ve been waiting for this moment. The slow fade of the cold months. A week out of the classroom. A possible tropical setting complete with swim-up bar, or a staycation of laziness and semi-productive adulting. This R&R? You’ve earned it. It’s Spring Break. WOO.

Parents on the other hand… you’ve got your hands full. While the teachers are away, the kids will play. Your normal routine is about to go by the wayside for 5 or so business days, but fear not. We’ve got Sphero Edu activities and an accessory kit to keep the young ones occupied, for your sanity AND their enjoyment. So grab your Sphero or SPRK+ and DO try this at home.

1. Don’t Panic

You’ve got the kids for a week. Take a deep breath and plan the staycation.

2. Pick some activities

Keep them occupied AND learning. Check out these activities in the Sphero Edu app.

Spring Break Survival Guide diagram.

Blind Mice
Be the first team to code your Sphero and get two or more slices of cheese.
By @ingviomarsson

Project Vahana
Build a chariot with materials you’ve got around the house and transfer marbles across a long table or hallway.
By @elsubash

Light Painting
Learn how to use long exposure photography and use Sphero to draw with light.

Maze Mayhem
Program Sphero to navigate your own original maze.

3. Stay fed

While Sphero quenches the thirst for knowledge, also remember to keep snacks on hand. No one benefits from being hangry.

The Survival Kit
Introduce some new challenges with this accessory kit.

Spring Break survival kit.

Get the Kit >

WARNING: Accessory kit includes 1 Chariot, 1 Turbo Cover, 1 Nubby Cover, and 1 Terrain Park. Purchase may result in long hours of play accompanied by smiles and/or laughter and educational value. If immense happiness should occur, be sure to share on Twitter @SpheroEdu.