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A young girl drives a Sphero BOLT through water in the backyard.

Unpack boxes of fun this summer with these educational tools for kids! 

We’re applauding all the parents, teachers, and students everywhere for a job well done during the final stretch of the school year. In the blink of an eye, schools went from desktops to countertops and everyone stepped up to the challenge. Way to go!

Now that the school year has ended, you may be looking to summer and feeling daunted. You just powered through the last couple of months of school in a never-before-seen way, and if your regular camp or usual schedule is canceled, you may feel at a loss for what to do.

Don't lose hope!

If you want to give a gift to somebody special to you this summer and keep them learning (and in some cases, without them even knowing it!), we have the perfect gift guide for you.

Here’s our roundup of some of our favorite STEAM educational tools:  

Summer Gifts for Kids 

Sphero Mini Activity Kit 

We’ve bundled the tiny, wildly popular robotic ball with even more goodies to explore! The Sphero Mini Activity Kit has everything little inventors need to get rolling, coding, and playing within minutes.

A girl and her mom play with Sphero Mini Activity Kit at their kitchen table.

Sphero Mini Activity Kit will keep your kid entertained through gaming and coding using the Sphero Play App and Sphero Edu app. Also included are 15 STEM-inspired activity cards, pins and cones, a construction set, and everything else your kid would need to create a fun-filled maze. 

Click here to shop Sphero Mini Activity Kit. 

Sphero BOLT 

Ready for your kid to dive into the world of coding? You’ll want to use Sphero BOLT, our most advanced round robot to date.  

With BOLT, your tech-wiz can design custom LED graphics and display real-time data while programming its advanced sensors. You can also code with the ambient light sensor that can tell if it’s light or dark, allowing for programming conditions based on brightness. 

A girl sits on a staircase while coding her Sphero BOLT on a tablet.

Like all Sphero robots, they'll still be able to play educational games and get hands-on experience by remixing and creating their own games. With a 4-hour battery life and waterproof shell, Sphero BOLT is perfect for an afternoon of fun and learning.

Get your Sphero BOLT today!

littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit 

Kick it!  

Get your music lover to become a STEM lover too with the littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit. Using this STEM kit, kids can infuse ideas with music technology as they build their own synth guitar, air drums, or their very own unique creation! There are more than ten musical inventions available in the Inventor app.

A girl plays on her electronic guitar invention in her bedroom.

Check out the littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit today!

Sphero RVR 

Sphero RVR is built for customization. The perfect choice for the tinkerer, maker, or hacker, this all-terrain programmable robot is packing tons of advanced technology under the hood.

A boy sits on the floor of his home driving his Sphero RVR up a ramp with his smartphone. 
RVR's on-board sensors include a color sensor, light sensor, IR, magnetometer, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Navigate RVR through a color maze or tap into IR to play with bot-to-bot communication. You can keep the fun rolling forever. 

Code RVR with JavaScript, expand its capabilities with third-party hardware, or go even further using Sphero’s public SDK library. RVR is the most complex, expandable robot on the market — with approachable features and capabilities for kids of all skill levels. 

Learn more about Sphero RVR!

littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

If your child loves playing in and customizing their room, you can help them take it a step further by allowing them to program their things.

With the littleBits Rule Your Room Kit, they’ll become true masters of their domain by creating touch-activated inventions. And by completing the scaffolded activities included in the kit, they’ll gain important STEAM and 21st-century skills while having tons of fun. 

A girl tries to move a piggy bank from a room that has been set up like an alarm with littleBits.

This kit includes 1 bargraph, 1 buzzer, 1 dimmer, 1 makey-makey, 1 power, 1 servo, 1 sound trigger, and endless possibilities. Once they learn how science can transform their everyday objects into something new, they'll be on the path to becoming life-long learners and invention enthusiasts. 

Order littleBits Rule Your Room Kit now! 

Celebrate Summer With Sphero! 

Looking for more creative ideas to get your kid away from the TV and engaged with learning this summer? Make it a competition! Bring the family into the fun by getting everyone identical kits and having a code-off. See who can make the most creative obstacle course, hack the fastest, or create the most innovative invention for their room.   

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