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Sphero BOLT is waterproof and can be used in a pool for summer STEAM fun!

Summer means it's time for sunshine, flip-flops, and most importantly pool days! During this break from school, you can keep your child’s mind active and engaged by bringing their favorite Sphero robots right into the water with them. A new environment creates new challenges to explore and learn.

In this guide, we cover which Sphero robots are waterproof and which are not. Let’s dive in so you can make a splash with Sphero this summer.

Is Sphero BOLT Waterproof?

Two boys program their Sphero BOLTs in a pool.

Yes! BOLT is waterproof (as pictured above) and ready for aquatic adventures. BOLT has a tough plastic shell that protects the inside electronics. Since BOLT has wireless, inductive charging, there are no charging ports for liquid to get into.

Is Sphero SPRK+ Waterproof?

Sphero SPRK+ is waterproof, seen here in a swimming pool.

SPRK+ is also waterproof so be sure to pack one along with your towel. Like BOLT, SPRK+ has a hard shell that makes it waterproof and shockproof. It also features inductive charging, so there are no nooks or crannies for substances to get stuck in, so SPRK+ is ready to roll on any surface. However, we highly recommend upgrading your Sphero SPRK+ for BOLT as it’s our premium round robot. 

Is Sphero RVR Waterproof?

Sphero RVR is not waterproof but is capable of scaling various terrain outside.

No, RVR is not waterproof. There are many ports, sensors, and crevices that water can permeate. However, RVR’s powerful motor, all-terrain treads, and high torque allow it to drive anywhere, so it can still go on a summer outdoor expedition!

Is Sphero Mini Waterproof?

A girl programs her Sphero Mini through bowling pins and cones on a table inside.

Although it may look like a sized-down version of our waterproof robots, the Sphero Mini is only recommended for use in dry environments, preferably indoors. Since Mini has a removable shell and micro-USB port for charging, dirt, sand, and water can easily get inside the robot and cause it to no longer work properly. 

Are littleBits Waterproof?

Three students look over a littleBits invention in their classroom.

No. Since you create electronic circuits with littleBits and they are powered by a battery, they should be kept away from water. 


Adding robots to summer activities is a great way to make learning a year-round event. Your child can compete with their waterproof robot in a Swim Meet or theorize and test a Hydro-Hypothesis. For more fun this summer, check out the Sphero Edu app for a collection of waterproof activities!

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