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A teenage girl shows off her littleBits invention in her classroom while her teacher look on from the background.

With 126 Organizations Nationwide, Sphero Makes New Commitment to Expand Computer Science Education in the United States

BOULDER, Colo., November 17, 2020 — The CSforALL movement to bring computer science to all US students marked a major growth milestone today when, along with 126 organizations, Sphero made a new commitment to advance computer science education access and opportunity for youth across the United States at the 2020 CSforALL Commitments Showcase. 

“As leaders in STEM education it is our responsibility to help teach, influence, and shape young minds,” says Paul Copioli, Sphero CEO. “That’s why Sphero’s mission is to inspire the creators of tomorrow, to help shape the next generation so they can achieve more than the generations who came before them. We are committed to working with business and school partners to donate robots and littleBits kits, registrations for the Sphero Global Challenge robotics competition, teacher training, and devices to underprivileged schools in 10 cities during the 2020-2021 school year.”

#CSforALL commitments are new, specific, and measurable actions aimed at advancing the goal of rigorous and inclusive computer science education for all U.S. youth, and are designed to grow support and momentum for a sustainable K-12 computer science education system in and out of school. Notably 29 organizations listed below have made a #CSforALL commitment annually since 2017. To continue the trend, in 2020, 78 organizations have returned to make a commitment at least twice. The commitments detailed below include investments in 34 individual states, three commitments with a nationwide focus, and five commitments with an international focus

“The collective impact and systems level change that the CS education community is making through #CSforALL commitments are pushing us all forward toward the goal of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable CS for all youth,” Ruthe Farmer, Chief Evangelist, CSforALL.  

As the U.S. continues to grapple with COVID-19 and racial injustice in a year full of obstacles and surprises, the need to bring rigorous and equitable computer science education to prepare ALL students for a successful future is more urgent than ever. Fortunately, the systems in place to expand that critical access is getting a significant boost today through 163 new commitments from 126 organizations to advance computer science education access and opportunity for youth across the United States and beyond.


About Sphero:

Sphero inspires the creators of tomorrow through remarkably cool, programmable robots, electronic building blocks, and educational tools that transform the way kids learn and create through coding, science, music, and the arts. Sphero goes #BeyondCode and drives kids to turn their imagination into reality. The skills unlocked through play-based learning prepare kids to thrive, no matter what subject or career they pursue. Based in Boulder, CO, Sphero, with its family of products including littleBits, has become the #1 STEAM-based learning solutions company, loved by millions of parents, kids and educators worldwide. Learn more at sphero.com.

About CSforALL: CSforALL is the national hub of the computer science for all movement with a mission to make high-quality computer science an integral part of K-12 education in the United States. Our three-pillar approach; Support Local Change, Increase Rigor and Equity, and Grow the Movement, directs our work across a national and local spectrum to provide equitable and accessible K-12 computer science education to every student. We engage with diverse stakeholders leading computer science initiatives across the nation to support and facilitate implementation of rigorous, inclusive and sustainable computer science. For more information: www.csforall.org Twitter: @CSforALL

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