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We rounded up our top tools for STEAM and coding classroom planning just in time for back-to-school. These online resources will extend creativity and problem-solving while equipping you with the know-how to keep students engaged and learning. Break out the Bits!

  1. Looking for a quick refresher? Get back to Bit Basics for yourself and your students this school year with quick informative videos.
  2. littleBits Classroom offers thousands of lessons and inventions! Are you kidding? It would take all school year (and then some) to tackle them all, so we rounded up a few to get you started.
    1. Creature Creation: Invent a creature and design its habitat. Encourage students to get feedback from their peers and iterate on their designs before a final showcase.
    2. Spell Binding: Who doesn’t enjoy a good witch or wizard casting spells and inciting mischief? Students will create spells of their own and start making magic with algorithms and sequencing.
    3. Rover Races & Tractor Pulls: Explore engineering design with vehicles built for tough, complex terrain and then test your design!
    4. An Eye on Industrial Design: Looking to incorporate art into your learning? Then turn your eye towards industrial design with this lesson.
  3. Visit the littleBits Forum to connect and learn from educators around the globe with an educator's corner, latest news, tips and tricks, and much more. If there's a question you would like to ask us or the community share it here!