It's important to know how to teach your kids cybersecurity basics.
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Cybersecurity for Kids: 5 Best Tips for Teaching the Basics

The topic of internet safety and cybersecurity for kids should be at the core of every parent’s and educator’s mind. For this reason, we’ve prepared the following five tips you can use to teach your kids cybersecurity basics. 

There are kid-friendly versions of common therapeutic techniques used by professionals to help kids with anxiety.
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How To Help Kids with Anxiety: 10 Ideas to Try

Just like the presentation of anxiety varies between adults and kids, so too do the coping skills. While they may be similar and address the same symptoms (racing thoughts, breathing, heart rate), there are kid-friendly versions of common therapeutic techniques used by professionals.
Discussing climate change with kids can seem like a daunting task, but kids benefit from having a better connection to the planet.
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Climate Change for Kids: Encouraging a Connection Between Kids and the Planet

Although climate change is something that affects everyone on the planet, it’s often having the hard talks that can be the most difficult part of it all. Your kid might already be aware of the issues, or they might be unaware of how serious the situation is, so gauging what they know already is a good starting point. 
In today's world it's important to teach students about cybersecurity.
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Un-complicating Cybersecurity: 3 Ways to Teach Students About Cybersecurity

Teaching kids about cybersecurity from a young age protects not only them, but also our communities, schools and companies, and countries from digital threats and attacks. This blog offers fun, new ways to teach kids about cybersecurity.

A boy and a girl sit at a table while dying eggs make silly faces into a spoon.
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15 Wacky Wednesday Ideas: Easy & Fun Activities

Making learning fun and engaging for your students can sometimes feel like pulling a cat out of a hat, especially if you’ve created multi-medium lesson plans for many years. Thankfully, there’s a quick and easy way to add some excitement into your in-person and virtual classroom: Wacky Wednesday.

A girl looks frustrated at the kitchen table as she looks at he tablet while her mom leans in to assure her.
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Stress Management for Kids: 9 Ways To Reduce Student Stress In 2022

Everybody experiences stress and deals with stress differently. When kids experience stress, though, they may not have the ability to manage these stressful feelings using healthy behavior.
Two teenage girls work together in a makerspace to build an invention on top of their Sphero RVR.
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What Third-Party Hardware is Compatible with Sphero RVR?

In this blog, we’ll look “under the hood” of RVR, explore the different third party hardware that’s compatible with it, and hear from one of the engineers who worked tirelessly to bring this first-of-its-kind robot to you. 
A boy and girl sit at a table playing an arcade game built from a littleBits kit.
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What is National STEM/STEAM Day? Here are Six Ways to Celebrate

There's no debate that STEM and STEAM skills are integral in children's education. That's why every November 8 since 2015, National STEM/STEAM Day illuminates the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Encouraging children to advance in these fields will crucially support the backbone of the country — and its future.
Parents, teachers and students are making learning fun in a number of different ways, including using Sphero robots to promote creativity and collaboration.
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Learning Is Fun: How Are You Making Learning Fun for Your Kids?

Recently, in partnership with OnePoll, we surveyed1 2,000 parents/guardians and their school-aged kids to ask, “What makes learning fun?” Let’s explore the insightful responses we received to better understand how parents, teachers, and kids are making learning fun in the classroom and at home. 
7 Coping Strategies for Kids
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7 Coping Strategies for Kids

Today, children and teens face many different issues from a variety of influences like academic, personal, extracurricular, and social pressures, all while they are also learning to develop emotionally. Children are learning to navigate new classrooms, teachers, and different expectations of teachers, family, peers, and self. 
Sphero Mini is ideal for a variety of learners or all ages and coding stages.
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Meet Sphero Mini: Teeny, Tiny Tech in a Powerful Robotic Ball

Have you ever heard the expression, “Good things come in small packages”? When it comes to robots, they’re no exception! The Sphero Mini is our tiniest, most colorful programmable robot that is the perfect tool for having fun or learning in school or at home.
How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer
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How to Teach Kids to Code, Even Without a Computer

Knowledge of computer science and programming will become crucial in most future careers. This justifies why more than 90% of U.S parents want their children to be taught computer science, and 40% of schools have already included programming topics in their education curriculum.