Sphero BOLT is waterproof and can be used in a pool for summer STEAM fun!
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Waterproof Sphero Robots for Summer Fun

In this guide, we cover which Sphero robots are waterproof and which are not. Let’s dive in so you can make a splash with Sphero this summer.
Two girls work together on a laptop; Javascript text is on the chalkboard behind them.
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How to Improve Critical Thinking Skills in Students

Using information available, combined with skills acquired, can help make good decisions. That’s the basic process of critical thinking. Critical thinkers can solve problems by keeping a clear mind and rational thoughts that will help you analyze a situation and make a sound decision.
Young boy coding Sphero Mini on his tablet through salt and pepper grinder.
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Six Ways Coding, Computer Science & Robots Empower Children with Autism

Can coding benefit kids with autism? If the increased focus on computer science and coding skills in schools gives any sign, it’s good for kids in general. But there’s something extra that makes learning to code for children with autism even more worthwhile. 
Students engaging with a Sphero BOLT programmable robot in the classroom.
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The 3 Best Programmable Robot Kits for Beginners

We’ve compiled a list of our three favorite programmable robot kits for beginners so you can get started as soon as the delivery driver knocks on your door. Let’s explore each robot for kids more in-depth to learn what you can do with it! 

A boy with a clipboard leads the way for his group in a scavenger hunt.
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3 Ways To Teach Kids Problem-Solving Skills: Play, Learn, and Grow

When children encounter roadblocks in their daily lives, problem-solving skills become essential. Rather than becoming frustrated when confronted with a problem — such as dealing with peer pressure, a difficult exam, or a lost toy — problem-solving skills allow kids to manage their emotions, think creatively, and discover thoughtful solutions. 
Three hands holding littleBits from the Code Kit.
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What Are littleBits and How Do They Work?

Teachers and home-school educators see how STEM education continues to grow and its importance. STEM education focuses explicitly on science, technology, engineering and math. You might also see STEAM, which has the same focuses with the arts added into the mix. That’s where littleBits powered by Sphero come into play.
A teenage girl looks frustrated as she sits at her desk at home looking at a tablet and taking notes.
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How to Re-engage and Motivate Remote Learners in the New Year

As we enter 2021, we begin a new year and a new semester for remote learners. Many students throughout the United States are heading back to remote learning environments after their holiday break. That leads parents and educators to wonder how they can promote re-engagement and motivation for students at a time when remote learning burnout can be at an all-time high.
A girl programs her Sphero BOLT with a laptop by herself.
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Sphero Webinar: Actively Engaging Distance Learners

Happy New Year, everyone! (We can still celebrate 13 days in, right?!) We're kicking off 2021 with an awesome webinar topic, lead by three of our veteran Sphero Heroes. Join us for tips and ideas on how to actively engage your distance learners.

A boy sits at his desk at home and works independently on an assignment.
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Autonomous vs. Asynchronous Learning: What's the Difference?

Online and hybrid learning approaches are quickly growing in popularity as schools continue to temporarily close  or limit capacity. Not only does this form of education feature schedule-friendly options, but students and teachers also relish being able to incorporate self-directed, autonomous learning, or asynchronous learning activities.
There are 4 Types of Learning Styles.
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4 Types of Learning Styles: Explaining the VARK Model

If you have a kid or student that’s being educated in a blended classroom or hybrid learning environment for the first time, chances are they could be feeling a bit lost. 
Celebrate CSEdWeek with Sphero and littleBits!
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New Sphero & littleBits Hour of Code Activities for CSEdWeek

It’s the first day of the greatest week of the year. (Though, we may be slightly biased…) It’s CSEdWeek! We’re excited to share two new activities with you designed especially for this special week. 
A boy holds a smiling face sign up to his face. A frown is on the sign in his other hand.
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Use This Mood Tracker to Follow Your Kid's Learning Experience & Mood (Free Worksheet)

If your learner is participating in a virtual or hybrid learning environment, it can be difficult to gauge their progress and mood — especially if ...